Department of English

The objectives of teaching English are

  • To learn effortlessly and communicate eloquently
  • To refresh and revolutionize life-less English classes

Dr. NGP College of Education is quite prestigious and full-fledged in educational endeavors and we are really proud to open the gateway of literary journey through department of English with an integral aptitude and qualitative workmanship. The journey of 1000 miles start with one step and since 2005, the departmental experimentation originated extensively to put in a magnificent embodiment. The students need to prepare themselves for their careers which may require them to listen, speak, read and write in English both for their professional and interpersonal communication in the globalised context. The labs are utilized by all the students for educational endeavors.

Edu Nightingale Resource Centre - Laboratory

The English Language laboratory aims to enhance proficiency in Spoken English through its emphasis on activity-based learning. The Lab organizes a host of contests right through the year to promote confidence-building and personality development. The Language Lab trains students in Spoken English through a well-defined curriculum and focus on the skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing. English Lab is Fully Equiped with LCD, Home Theater and Relavent Cds connected to accent neutralition

Lab Activities

Studies done over the last decade, largely in Asia, confirm that wide self-selected recreational reading has a powerful effect on English language development for students of English as a foreign language, and those who establish a reading habit in English will continue to improve as long as they keep reading. The only way in which learners are able to have access to 'unlimited' language input is through authentic communication, be this with native speakers or with other learners of the language.

Materials (Teaching, Authentic, Reference - Dictionaries, encyclopedias, manuals, etc.) add to general types of web materials and thereby grammar tutoring becomes an excellent package in our campus on behalf of department of English.

  • Public Speaking and Debate Club are included in Vision 2015

Edu Nightingale Club

The individual need of the students to enrich Fluency and Vocabulary. Peace meal conversation is a part of regular stream.

Club Activities

Club activities are conducted every year based upon

  • Debate
  • Seminars
  • Quiz
  • Group Discussion
  • Cultural Programs

Department Activities

  • On 7th Sep 2012 our college Inaugurated Arts Club activities of , Tamil, English, Economics, Commerce, & History .Key Address was given by Dr.L.P. Swaminathan –Rtd Prof.of Agriculture Economics TNAU.
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed with Orison Academy of English on 15.09.2012
  • a One day workshop has been conducted for school teachers on "Interacting Skill For Effective Communicative Skill " on 27th December 2011.

Students Achievements

  • We are extremely proud of MALA K. Department of English for her meritorious silver medal received at International level from Japan.